The September issue of Linux Format (#23 of the hellenic version) hosts an article presenting Dokeos LMS.

Taking the Dokeos Learning Platform discussion a step further, the article provides an overview of features and system characteristics.

Dokeos is an open source professional learning suite, which you can easily use to build e-courses using templates or import SCORM courses, to assess your students through tests and surveys, to coach them through interaction tools.

I am not going to say more here; if you are interested, you know where to find me.


The main article of this issue, written by Markos, is introducing the advances in Grid Computing, focusing on the EGEE grid and it's close symbiosis with open source software.

Well done Markos!

... and welcome to!




GNU is turning 25 this year

The GNU operating system is turning 25 this year, and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has kicked off its month-long celebration of the anniversary by releasing "Happy Birthday to GNU" a short film featuring the English humorist, actor, novelist and filmmaker Stephen Fry.[Read More]


play Ogg!

I just want to let you know that there is an ongoing "Play Ogg" campaign. The main idea can be summarized as follows:

Are you fed up with seeing new gadgets that only use incompatible and restrictive audio and video formats?

Did you know that it's not a lack of technological know-how that causes this, but software patents and other legal restrictions?

What's the solution? Play Ogg!