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A few weeks ago I submitted Indywiki at Launchpad to handle translations of the project. Not many minutes after initial submission I was surprised to see that two folks -a Norwegian and a Japanese- had translated a few string into their native languages! At the moment a few other translators have submitted translations, in french, danish, spanish, swedish and portuguese, some of the translations have been completed and reviewed by others!

Indywiki is a visual browser for Wikipedia, that was written with aim to provide an intuitive and pleasant navigation of the most famous online Encyclopedia and one of the most successful collaborative projects of human kind. Indywiki is open source software, so you can download the program and experience yourself!

Launchpad is a collaboration and hosting service for open source projects that aims to bring communities together and make it easy to share code, bug reports, translations and ideas across projects.
I have chosen Launchpad because it provides a cool way to add translations into as many languages as you like, so anyone can easily translate a few strings.

Launchpad is being developed by Canonical, so Ubuntu Linux is the biggest project that uses the service. I believe Launchpad has played a big part on Ubuntu's great success. On the other side, critisism to Launchpad is being raised because of the fact that Launchpad is not open source software, only parts of it.

At this point it would be fair to mention Transifex, a highly scalable open source localization platform with a focus on integrating well with the existing work flow of both translators and developers. Transifex is being developed by Fedora  folks and deserves one's attention!




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