the first International animation festival in Greece...

Αniμasyroς festival is an annual international animation festival located in Syros island in the Aegean Sea in Greece. The festival is an initiative of Platforma Urban Culture Co. and is organized in collaboration with the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Hermoupolis.

It aims at presenting Greek and foreign animation, attract a wider audience and attempt to decentralize cultural events from the monopoly of Athens.

Αniμasyroς will last for three days (19-21 of September), during which a variety of animated films from all over the world will be shown and seminars on the history and techniques of animation will take place.

Professors of animation as well as animators and representatives of corresponding festivals from abroad will carry out the seminars and the workshops.


It looks very interesting and I am really sorry I cannot be there :(




Athens Digital Week

A friend told me about the upcoming Athens Digital Week... not much is so far published (you can check out the official website) but it looks very interesting: Digital Music, Visual Art, Robotics, Telecom, Astronomy, Open Source, Modding, Gaming...



Save the dates and I will get back with more details... that's a promise!




Madrugada @ Gagarin 205

Madrugada will be here in Athens, for two live performances in the weekend of May 24-25, as part of their Highway of Light European Tour.

If you are interested, here are some links for information on the band, the place, the tickets...

According to the greek fan club In Sivert Hoyem's last appearance @ Principal Club 22 (Thessaloniki) he performed:
Love, Leave Me Alonephoto for the official site
Song for Cornelis
What's On Your Mind?
Beat The Retreat (Richard Thompson cover)
Into The Sea
First Day Of Sommersault
Honey Bee
I've Been Meaning To Sing You The Song
The Kids Are On High Street

and as encore:
Strange Color Blue
Look away Lucifer

I hope I will be able to go... and see some of you there!