Impact Mozilla

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Voting closes on December 17th at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.


How do you Firefox? It’s your life. Your browser should reflect it.

Customization Campaign Community-driven campaign to spread awareness of Firefox add-ons to new users.

La Conexión de Mozilla Building South American communities around a free and open web.

Project MOE Spreading the Firefox story: harnessing open-source to do good.

Fox for All Personalize Firefox for the masses, plus two ad strategies.

Surf on Your Own Turf Showcase Firefox’s benefits and expand its community.

Microcampaigns Firefox download pages just for your group or community.

Phone Support An experiment to see if poor retention is caused by confused users.

My Firefox The first browser customized out of the box.

What’s Your Add-On? Creating loyal Firefox users by driving add-on penetration.




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