ele says thinking out-loud (one of elefteria's bad habits) http://blogs.abiss.gr/elefteria/feed/entries/atom 2008-12-10T01:47:06+02:00 Apache Roller (incubating) http://blogs.abiss.gr/elefteria/entry/new_mozilla_t_shirt new mozilla t-shirt Elefteria 2008-09-21T07:15:05+03:00 2008-09-21T07:15:05+03:00 <p><a title="The Mozilla Store" target="_blank" href="http://store.mozilla.org/category.php?catid=9"><img vspace="0" hspace="0" align="right" style="border: medium none ;" alt="the new mazilla t-shirt" src="http://www.blog.abiss.gr/elefteria/resource/images_for_posts/mozilla_t-shirt.jpg" /></a>It has been a while since the last time I've been looking around the Mozilla store...</p><p>The latest addition to the t-shirt collection is really good!</p><p>It features the lizard's head (front) and the &quot;internet by the people for the people&quot; moto (back)... and it is black... <b>I just love it!</b></p><p>Definitely a &quot;must-have&quot; item for my wardrobe...<br /></p>