priya tuli's randombloggz General | Sunday August 14, 2011 | By priya

I HATE when WISYWIG blog editors mess with the line breaks in a post!!! Somebody tell me how to fix this please, because I am NOT going to make like a loser and manually fix it!*&^%$#@#$%^&*

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?

priya tuli's randombloggz politicians heisenberg's_uncertainty_principle quantum_mechanics | General | Sunday August 14, 2011 | By priya

Quantum mechanics has always fascinated me; I don’t understand it at all. I love reading the stuff because it makes me laugh, it’s just so much gobbledygook. As long as I read it casually, like a spy thriller, it’s fun. The moment I try to figure out...

Here comes the sun!

priya tuli's randombloggz apple here_comes_the_sun solar_power fossil_fuels exxon | General | Wednesday August 10, 2011 | By priya

Are we on a new turn of the upward spiral? Is the earth round? Will the sun rise tomorrow? Yes. And yes, and yes. Here's why. Apple, the sleekest, sexiest and most progressive tech company with the most loyal following globally, has overtaken fossil fuels...

Enough is enough!!!

priya tuli's randombloggz lazy change google raining battle_cry enough-is-enough | General | Thursday June 02, 2011 | By priya

I’m convinced this is going to be the battle cry of the next couple of years. How do I know this? I know it like I know the sun will rise tomorrow. I know it like I know the stars will shine, even if obscured by city smog and cloud cover. I know it like I...

Jug Ears?

priya tuli's randombloggz windflaps troll alien tweak gremlin pinnae ears skinhead | General | Sunday May 08, 2011 | By priya

Ever struck you what a strange part of the anatomy the ears are? I find them endlessly fascinating, particularly the terminology. External auditory meatus. Ossicle. Cochlea. Fossa. Tragus. Ear wax. Seriously alien stuff. And then the way they look. Of all...

Art is unfair

geekologue Logic | Tuesday April 05, 2011 | By Manos

Art is a brilliant social medium. It allows one to reach out without conforming to any standards. One could say that works of art should utilize this for a purpose but that would be a conformity rule and as such it cannot be applied. An accusation of art...

Hair on my chest

priya tuli's randombloggz weep caffeine power-chug moka_express bialetti hair_on_my_chest | General | Sunday January 09, 2011 | By priya

I had the most surreal Sunday morning today. I resurrected my beloved Bialetti Moka Express, which had been lying neglected in some forgotten corner of the kitchen cabinet for months, maybe years. Being prone to taking the path of least resistance, I gave up...

Quering and/or fetching map keys and values in HQL

geekologue hibernate hql | Dev | Thursday September 02, 2010 | By Manos

Hibernate Criteria supports relation but not collection based conditions so we had to use HQL for this. 1 2 < class name = " Asset " table = " ASSETS " > 3 < id name = ...

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