Neutrino Results Confirmed: Faster than Speed of Ligh

01:51AM Nov 20, 2011 in category Dev by Manos

I think the neutrinos-travelling-faster-than-light thingy needs some reconsideration. I mean, how do you identify the neutrinos at the destination as the ones coming from an origin? Maybe the destination part is just a result of something happening somewhere without matter actually traveling. Could be a wireless energy tihng if both ends could be used as converters. Whatever ;-)


Art is unfair

08:43AM Apr 05, 2011 in category Logic by Manos

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Quering and/or fetching map keys and values in HQL

03:52PM Sep 02, 2010 in category Dev by Manos

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Fronting Apache Roller using mod_proxy

07:35PM Jul 23, 2010 in category Dev by Manos

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