Calipso Beta Program

08:52PM Jun 14, 2010 in category Dev by Manos

Calipso goes public and Open Source! Please check out the website and register for the Beta Program:



RDF Event Exchange Protocol

08:11PM May 21, 2010 in category Dev by Manos

[rough working draft]  This document describes the RDF Event Exchange Protocol or REEP. The protocol provides an extensible Event ontology and a processing approach for its use in distributed information exchange and manipulation applications for the Semantic Web. Within a REEP document, application code may be described as a sub-graph behind an Event instance node, utilizing the RDF model. Since REEP uses an RDF-based format, REEP Event nodes may share application input channels (e.g. an RDF document or feed) with other RDF nodes, while application code within REEP Events may refer or apply to such nodes. Contrary to RDF XML, which provides a static serialization of an RDF graph, REEP provides manipulation instructions regarding a graph, as well as the graph itself or parts of it; in other words the complete lifetime of an RDF graph can be described as a REEP message. A REEP message may or may not be standalone.[Read More]


Adding "named pin" functionality to Apache Roller

03:25AM Jan 29, 2009 in category Dev by Manos

Recently we decided to use Roller for a project but required a new feature: Named Pins. You can already pin posts in Roller, but we wanted something more advanced. With named pins, you can have posts appear in specific places on your main page, thus giving a portal-ish look.[Read More]


JavaScript implementation of WAX

06:27AM Oct 22, 2008 in category Dev by Manos

WAX.js is an ECMAScript (a.k.a JavaScript) implementation of the Writing API for XML (WAX ). 

WAX has the following characteristics and benefits:

  • focuses on writing XML, not reading it
  • should work in any browser that supports JavaScript, including phones etc.
  • requires less code than other approaches
  • uses less memory than other approaches because it outputs XML as each method is called rather than storing it in a DOM-like memory structure
  • doesn't depend on any libraries or proprietary browser technology other than a javascript interpreter
  • is very small in size, especially the compressed version
  • writes all XML node types
  • always outputs well-formed XML or throws an exception
  • provides extensive error checking
  • automatically escapes special characters in text and attribute values unless escaping is turned off
  • allows all error checking to be turned off for performance
  • knows how to associate DTDs, XML Schemas and XSLT stylesheets with the XML it outputs
  • is well-suited for writing XML messages for AJAX, REST and SOAP services

Haven't build a release yet, but it's pretty stable and usable. Browse the source code here and check out the documentation on our dev site.