Adding "named pin" functionality to Apache Roller

03:25AM Jan 29, 2009 in category Dev by Manos


"Apache Roller is a full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server suitable for blog sites large and small. This is the project's homepage, which provides a brief overview of the software and project as well as links to project news, downloads, user documentation, install guide, mailing-lists, bug tracker, wiki and the FAQ."

Recently we decided to use it for a project but required a new feature: Named Pins. You can already pin posts in Roller, but we wanted something more advanced. With named pins, you can have posts appear in specific places on your main page, thus giving a portal-ish look.

The patch is at roller's ROL-1786. It involves a new table column which is actually sub-optimal but works as a proof of concept for now. You will also find minor additions to the JPA Managers, the Site model and the UI. An example of using this in a template is also included.  Please vote for this ticket!

BTW we also wanted a simple way to get the list of blogs (to build a menu) so we also commited a small patch here.



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