Neutrino Results Confirmed: Faster than Speed of Ligh

01:51AM Nov 20, 2011 in category Dev by Manos

I think the neutrinos-travelling-faster-than-light thingy needs some reconsideration. I mean, how do you identify the neutrinos at the destination as the ones coming from an origin? Maybe the destination part is just a result of something happening somewhere without matter actually traveling. Could be a wireless energy tihng if both ends could be used as converters. Whatever ;-)



Well, something travelled fast enough so it dropped a 't' at the end of 'Light' in your title. I posit it's the intent of the neutrino to travel that counts; so in effect, it could be sitting in the same armchair all afternoon, but have visited Antibes, the Serengeti and Mozambique, and still have arrived back home before dinner. As in Honey, I'm home! If you buy that it's a holographic universe, it makes perfect sense. Neutrinos go nowhere. They just project :-P

Posted by Priya Tuli on November 26, 2011 at 11:02 PM EET #

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