Quering and/or fetching map keys and values in HQL

03:52PM Sep 02, 2010 in category Dev by Manos

Hibernate Criteria supports relation but not collection based conditions so we had to use HQL for this.

2 <class name="Asset" table="ASSETS">
3 <id name="id" column="AS_ID">
4 <generator class="native" />
5 </id>
6 <!-- ... -->
7 <map name="customAttributes" table="ASSET_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES_VALUES" lazy="true" sort="natural">
8 <key column="ACAV_ASID" />
9 <map-key-many-to-many column="ACAV_CAID" class="AssetTypeCustomAttribute"/>
10 <element type="string" column="ACAV_VALUE"/>
11 </map>
12 </class>

We wanted to keep the customAttributes collection lazy but pre-fetch for certain occasions, as well as query based on map key and value  pairs. Here's an example of HQL used for searching:

   1 select asset from Asset asset 
2 left join fetch asset.customAttributes as customAttribute
3 where ((index(customAttribute) = ? and customAttribute = ?)
4 and (index(customAttribute) = ? and customAttribute = ?) )



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