geekologue throws TooMuchCoffeeException 2012-01-19T08:49:09+02:00 Apache Roller (incubating) Art is unfair Manos 2011-04-05T08:43:27+03:00 2011-04-05T08:44:41+03:00 Art is a brilliant social medium Art is a brilliant social medium. It allows one to reach out without conforming to any standards. One could say that works of art should utilize this for a purpose but that would be a conformity rule and as such it cannot be applied.<br /><br />An accusation of art abuse cannot be established either. Works of art can only be dismissed temporarily, as they reserve the right of being re-evaluated&nbsp; for an eternity; even after being justified, or especially then.<br /><br />Can one expect artists to be more socially responsible than others? Not by a long shot. Art is proud to utilize the subconscious of it's workforce more than any other function.<br /><br />So if you want to do enjoy such benefits put a little soul in what you do. Name it art and you shall be accepted.<br /><br /><br />