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Posted on January 11, 2010 by Priya Tuli

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Okay, it's official. My 5-year-old Nokia, the one that went out of production 2 weeks after I bought it, which makes it extinct as a T-Rex, is approaching brain-dead status. (That was a sentence with three commas, in case you hadn't noticed.) It ran out of memory a year ago, so I haven't been able to save any more numbers on it since. Which is also a telling commentary on the pathetic state of my social life.

I can't buy more memory for it, because they didn't expect anyone would keep it that long after the model went obsolete, considering the gazillion new ones that have come out since then. I can't find a new body for it, to replace the bruised and battered one it currently lives in, for the same reason. Other than that, it still works fine. Oh, and the battery dies out on me from time to time and well, that is rather inconvenient.

So anyway, I'm reluctantly in the market for a replacement. I have no idea what I should get, because I've only ever used a Nokia. I know what I don't want, though. I don't want to use my phone to check email. Or browse the net. Or scratch my back. Or make dirty videos. Or take fuzzy pictures. I have other stuff that does all that. I basically plan to just use it as a phone, you know, for calls and sms messages. And occasionally to throw at someone if they push my last button.

SO of course, the world and their uncle have been advising me to get a Blackberry. What for? That teensy fiddly qwerty thing would drive me nuts, and anyway, it doesn't fit my brief. And for that kind of money I could get a netbook. Which is tempting.

The other day my neighbour's 15-year-old geek-generation daughter showed me her new Samsung thingie with touchscreen stuff which looked very good. Because looks are important, at any tate for tecchie stuff. And the iPhone. Ahhhhh! SEX!!! But these things are scary. Too much razzle dazzle and I feel out of my depth. At the iPhone store, I held it for a few seconds, then I touched the screen and a whole new bunch of icons appeared and I have no idea how any of it works. So I went "eeeek!", and the salesboys all laughed. They knew that by the time I ever learned to use it, it would be redundant.

I like being dazzled by tech, and make all the appropriate noises when someone demonstrates one of their slick new gadgets, but using that stuff myself? Frankly, I find these sleek sexy gizmos endlessly fascinating, but also terribly intimidating. Besides, I drop my phone on a regular basis, I'm sure these hi-tech varieties would recoil at that sort of abuse. Lose all the numbers. Or just plain die on me. Like a friend's iPod did the other day. Just two years old, system failure. Cannot be fixed. Which is kind of sad, because one invariably gets emotionally attached to these things. Or is it just me?

The other day someone suggested they MAKE electronics so they die in a year or two, so people will buy a replacement faster. How else  would they sell more? I think that is probably the truth. Which makes me even more resistant to replacing my 15-year-old TV, which still works just fine. Plasma, they say, you should get a plasma TV. What for? So it dies out on me in 2 years and I have to buy another? Though I may just have to, because although the TV is fine, the remote is indecipherable. All those years of use have rubbed out the lettering on the buttons. And no, I can't get a replacement because they don't make those TVs any more.

So then, back to the phone. I think I will let the morning papers decide for me. Whichever ad I see first, that's the one I'll go and buy. Except the Blackberry, those just scare me to death.


Hmm, its a tough choice.
If you dont want any new/snazzy features.
Just go to the cell phone store and pick one that feels best.
With big buttons and easy menus.

Posted by shiv Ahuja on January 11, 2010 at 10:52 PM WIT #

Good advice. Big buttons and easy menus make me feel like a retard :-) But more and more I'm drawn to the iPhone...scary as it is!

Posted by Priya Tuli on January 12, 2010 at 10:48 PM WIT #

Happy Birthday Priya.

Posted by Asif Nurie on March 15, 2010 at 06:12 PM WIT #

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