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What, you are supposed to wash out coffee pots and get rid of the awesome flavour? I'm dumb founded! Still not sure what a Bialetti is since I don't think we have them in northern Canada!

Giggles of shimmering light to you my SOUL friend Re: Earth Day 2009, anyone?! Sun 2010-09-10T14:28:30+03:00 2010-09-10T14:28:30+03:00

Dear Darshan,

Sorry I missed your comment, haven't updated the blog in ages. And happy you found the blog! I do still write, though sporadically, for the Jakarta Post. Maybe it's time to kick-start the blog again...

Thanks for writing in! Re: Saving H2O one brick at a time: the displacement theory Priya Tuli 2010-04-15T16:27:44+03:00 2010-04-15T16:27:44+03:00

Ah, now there's an easier way. Fill one of those disposable water bottles with water and pop that in your cistern instead. Works like magic. Re: Decision time :-( Asif Nurie 2010-03-15T13:12:23+02:00 2010-03-15T13:12:23+02:00

Happy Birthday Priya.
asif Re: Decision time :-( Priya Tuli 2010-01-12T17:48:46+02:00 2010-01-12T17:48:46+02:00

Good advice. Big buttons and easy menus make me feel like a retard :-) But more and more I'm drawn to the iPhone...scary as it is! Re: Decision time :-( shiv Ahuja 2010-01-11T17:52:29+02:00 2010-01-11T17:52:29+02:00

Hmm, its a tough choice.
If you dont want any new/snazzy features.
Just go to the cell phone store and pick one that feels best.
With big buttons and easy menus. Re: *&^%$##$%^&#@ Priya Tuli 2010-01-05T17:12:27+02:00 2010-01-05T17:12:27+02:00

Ada :-))) Here's to a magical 2010! Loved your car story, and yes, I know there was a lesson in the spilled juice; it was an allegory for bloodshed averted, for I was surely homicidal by that time!

Like you, I too believe that there's always a reason or a lesson and it's up to us to figure it out, sometimes immediately, sometimes not until years later, and sometimes not at all. And that's okay, too!

As for the Plate Smashing, very therapeutic. I can vouch for that. Evoution must be happening, because today, just thinking about it is good enough, I don't have to go smash another one ;-) HuGGGz, P Re: *&^%$##$%^&#@ Priya Tuli 2010-01-05T17:04:18+02:00 2010-01-05T17:04:18+02:00

Haha Ele, tks! Too bad I didn't understand the...Greek, y'know ;-) I'd do it one plate at a time, tho'! Re: *&^%$##$%^&#@ Ada 2010-01-04T23:28:23+02:00 2010-01-04T23:28:23+02:00

So I spent my whole day telling myself that no, this is not a bad beginning, there is something to learn here. Or something that has to happen. What I was trying to say is that there is a purpose in everything. I don't know what was the tomato juice spill's purpose but my ordeal made me fall in love with my old car again and really appreciate it. But Smashing Plates uhm... i'll keep that in mind:) All the best for 2010 Priya! Re: *&^%$##$%^&#@ Ada 2010-01-04T23:27:34+02:00 2010-01-04T23:27:34+02:00

Priya, my dear friend... This morning I spent 20 minutes trying to open my car doors. When I finally succeded and was looking forward to deicing my windshield, I managed to block the steering wheel so I didn't have to deice the windshields anymore...
There I was on the bus station accross the street of my frozen car, already 30 minutes late on my first day of work on 2010. I took the bus. When I came back from work, I took three buses to get home. Bought ten bus tickets in the process, and one book I was looking forward to have in my bookcase again. Got home, cooked a wonderful soup and then, almost ten hours after my initial shock and anger at the idea that I cannot start the car, I managed to unblock the steering wheel.