priya tuli's randombloggz 2010-09-10T14:28:31+03:00 Apache Roller (incubating) "But the camera is only 2 MP!" priya 2010-04-20T00:28:14+03:00 2010-04-20T19:15:06+03:00 <p><p>I finally got that new phone. It was quite a production, I can tell you. Almost as bad as I had expected. To start with, there was the superior attitude and open incredulity of the young sales staffers to contend with. I asked for their simplest model, no bells and whistles. <br /></p><p> I said, &quot;No camera, no internet, no nothing. Just the phone.&quot; They laughed outright, the whippersnappers.<br /><br />They then conferred amongst themselves at length, giggled some more (even the boys), and finally showed me something so dated and butt-ugly that even I wouldn't use it. It was a model my friend's 5 year old daughter had around 10 years ago, in lurid pink. Shudder. <br /><br />While they rooted around looking for something suitable, I wandered around the store, ogling at all the latest models and getting utterly seduced by them. I had several moments of extreme indecision when I nearly gave in to the siren call of the newest and sexiest. Man, these phones were so I-want making! But I talked myself out of every smartphone in the place. Dazzled, sure. But I'm never going to read an email on my phone, or browse the net; that only makes sense for people who are on the road and away from their computers for large chunks of their day. I'm generally never more than one room away from mine, we're joined at the hip. So why would I pay a premium for specs that are totally redundant in my context? And anyway, reading documents on that tiny screen would give me vertigo. Or hives. Or chikungunya. Or all five. And anyway, I'd rather get a netbook.<br /><br />But oh my, the slide thing was so neat! And they even had an iPhone lookalike that I really liked... ahh! Decisions! But no, I wasn't giving in to technolust. No way Jose.<br /><br />Those sales kids don't give up easy, though. When they'd see my eyes gleam at some fancy model or other, they'd draw closer and rattle off a string of entirely incomprehensible specs, till I'd glaze over. Even then they wouldn't quit. I think they just got their jollies watching my reactions and waiting to hear me squawk every time they demonstrated yet another incomprehensible and totally unnecessary feature. <br /><br />Finally, after the fifth time of telling them I did NOT want 3G or a 7 MP camera, they heard me. And showed me the 2700 classic. I liked it. Simple, or so I mistakenly thought at the time. Larger screen than my old one. Better colours and resolution and sleeker looking. And only a year old, as models go.&nbsp; But of course, not a patch on the BB or...sigh...the iPhone. &quot;But the camera is only 2 MP&quot;, the salesboy said. No big deal, I said, I'm never going to use it. He seemed unconvinced, and rather deflated that his 2-hour sales pitch had failed so miserably.<br /><br />The whole process, start to finish, took me four hours of vacillation. Then came the tough part, transferring my numbers. The old phone didn't have a cable that could plug into the new phone to retrieve them. So they tried to do it through the computer, and lost half my numbers in the process, before they eventually told me it wasn't possible. I was therefore faced with the prospect of transferring the remaining numbers manually, and am still faced with it 2 months later. <br /><br />As a result, I now carry around 3 phones; my old Nokia, my new Nokia and my CDMA Nokia, for calls to India. All of them so last-century that I'll never make it into the 'hip' crowd with perma-bent thumbs, forever hooked into Blackberry-texting-position.<br /><br />So we get home, and I fondle the new phone and affectionately name it Affandi. I then try putting in a few more numbers; I give up after about 10, it's just too painful. So if you never hear from me ever again, you'll know why. Also, this model works differently from my old one, so a bit of cussing ensued. Particularly as it would take me to something called Life Tools, even though I didn't want to go there. More cussing. Of course, I dropped the brand new phone three times on the very first day, I kid you not. So it has a pretty good idea of the sort of abuse it will be subjected to through this current avatar. Better to be up front about these things, I always say.<br /><br />Anyway, I now have some of my numbers in the old phone, some in Affandi and who knows what on the CDMA. The rest went into the black hole that swallows up random numbers that are precariously living life on the edge, balanced between being transferred from one phone to another. Phone number limbo. So now, every time I need to make a call, I try guessing which phone the number is on. I am invariably wrong. In the end, I just give up the idea of calling altogether. Which sort of defeats the purpose of buying the phone in the first place. <br /><br />Then I need to remember to charge all three, as one or other of them will start beeping incessantly from low-battery syndrome. And all three have their own charger, of course. Rare is the day when I step out of the house with the right phone and the right charger. Ah, well. The joys of connectivity.<br /><br />Oh, and about the camera? I finally figured how to activate it. I've taken 3 pictures with it so far, and they were right. 2 MP is no fun at all, just very fuzzy and pixellated. So hey, how about this: if I buy you a beer or five, would you transfer my numbers into the new phone for me? Pretty please? And I'll throw in my old CDMA as part of the deal. What? You don't want it?! Harrumph!<br /></p></p> Decision time :-( priya 2010-01-10T20:34:32+02:00 2010-04-20T00:36:06+03:00 <p><p>Okay, it's official. My 5-year-old Nokia, the one that went out of production 2 weeks after I bought it, which makes it extinct as a T-Rex, is approaching brain-dead status. (That was a sentence with three commas, in case you hadn't noticed.) It ran out of memory a year ago, so I haven't been able to save any more numbers on it since. Which is also a telling commentary on the pathetic state of my social life. <br /><br />I can't buy more memory for it, because they didn't expect anyone would keep it that long after the model went obsolete, considering the gazillion new ones that have come out since then. I can't find a new body for it, to replace the bruised and battered one it currently lives in, for the same reason. Other than that, it still works fine. Oh, and the battery dies out on me from time to time and well, that is rather inconvenient.<br /><br />So anyway, I'm reluctantly in the market for a replacement. I have no idea what I should get, because I've only ever used a Nokia. I know what I don't want, though. I don't want to use my phone to check email. Or browse the net. Or scratch my back. Or make dirty videos. Or take fuzzy pictures. I have other stuff that does all that. I basically plan to just use it as a phone, you know, for calls and sms messages. And occasionally to throw at someone if they push my last button.<br /><br />SO of course, the world and their uncle have been advising me to get a Blackberry. What for? That teensy fiddly qwerty thing would drive me nuts, and anyway, it doesn't fit my brief. And for that kind of money I could get a netbook. Which is tempting. <br /><br />The other day my neighbour's 15-year-old geek-generation daughter showed me her new Samsung thingie with touchscreen stuff which looked very good. Because looks <b><i>are</i></b> important, at any tate for tecchie stuff. And the iPhone. Ahhhhh! SEX!!! But these things are scary. Too much razzle dazzle and I feel out of my depth. At the iPhone store, I held it for a few seconds, then I touched the screen and a whole new bunch of icons appeared and I have no idea how any of it works. So I went &quot;eeeek!&quot;, and the salesboys all laughed. They knew that by the time I ever learned to use it, it would be redundant.<br /><br /> I like being dazzled by tech, and make all the appropriate noises when someone demonstrates one of their slick new gadgets, but using that stuff myself? Frankly, I find these sleek sexy gizmos endlessly fascinating, but also terribly intimidating. Besides, I drop my phone on a regular basis, I'm sure these hi-tech varieties would recoil at that sort of abuse. Lose all the numbers. Or just plain die on me. Like a friend's iPod did the other day. Just two years old, system failure. Cannot be fixed. Which is kind of sad, because one invariably gets emotionally attached to these things. Or is it just me?<br /><br />The other day someone suggested they MAKE electronics so they die in a year or two, so people will buy a replacement faster. How else&nbsp; would they sell more? I think that is probably the truth. Which makes me even more resistant to replacing my 15-year-old TV, which still works just fine. Plasma, they say, you should get a plasma TV. What for? So it dies out on me in 2 years and I have to buy another? Though I may just have to, because although the TV is fine, the remote is indecipherable. All those years of use have rubbed out the lettering on the buttons. And no, I can't get a replacement because they don't make those TVs any more.<br /><br />So then, back to the phone. I think I will let the morning papers decide for me. Whichever ad I see first, that's the one I'll go and buy. Except the Blackberry, those just scare me to death. <br /></p></p> Desktop dilemma priya 2009-04-12T21:13:16+03:00 2010-04-20T00:37:07+03:00 <p><p>Today, I am going to share with you&nbsp;a dilemma, the horns of which I've been messing with. My old laptop has been slowly dying on me for the past several months; besides being five years old and choking to death on data, the cooling system is shot. So it gets overheated and shuts down several times each hour. I’ve been using a bag of frozen peas to rest it on, a nifty little trick picked up from a friend similarly afflicted. It works till the peas defrost; I realize I need a new computer very soon.<br /><br />That brings up the whole PC versus Mac issue again, another dilemma I’ve been grappling with for years. Always a PC user, Mac just intimidates me. Since I’ve now hit the Fearless Fifties, Mac don’t scare me no more, so I decided I’d make the switch. Particularly as I can also have Winblows installed on it. I’m so glad I didn’t Mac earlier. <br /><br />So back to the original dilemma: Desktop? Or laptop? <br /><br />Well, that was also the question five years ago, when I finally decided on the now-dying laptop. So here it is again, five years later, same question. It’s true what they say, if you don’t kill an issue once and for all, it will come back and bite you in the butt later. It has. <br /><br />I have strong pros and cons for both. Yes, I did a SWOT on it, and lots of head-talk. Here it is, in no particular order of priority. <br /><br />I use my laptop like a desktop, but now so do most people. <br /><br />My current laptop weighs 5 kilos in the bag; I cannot hump it around any more, it puts my back out. Besides, it’s just such a chore to plug-unplug-replug everything. <br /><br />I love the flat-screen desktops. Glad I didn’t buy 5 years ago, they’ve made them even sexier now! <br /><br />OMG I love the iMac desktop! That was 2 years ago. <br /><br />Last year, it was: OMG I WANTTTT the new 20” iMAC!!! No CPU! Just a flat screen with everything in it! <br /><br />But I’m skeered of the Mac.<br /><br />But I can learn. How long is the conversion time?<br /><br />I figure it will take a couple of weeks until I can navigate the new interface without squawking every few seconds.<br /><br />I remember I’m Fearless Fifty-something now. I am NOT skeered!<br /><br />I will do this thing.<br /><br />Toshiba died out on me again. I MUST do this thing.<br /><br />But why desktop? Just get the MacBook Pro, everyone said. Nooo, don’t want a heavy laptop, I want a light ultraportable. I want the MacBook AIR, I want I want! Besides, I've got a hump that challenges Quasimodo's from hunching over my laptop.</p><br/> <p>Bad idea, the AIR, they said. No DVD drive. I don’t need it if I have it on the desktop, I say. </p><br/> <p>Do you need two computers? </p><br/> <p>Hmm. I decide on a desktop for now, because I want a large flat screen. </p><br/> <p>Do I need two computers? </p><br/> <p>I need one that can travel with me. </p><br/> <p>Do I travel that much? Not for the last few years, but something tells me I will be travelling a lot pretty soon. </p><br/> <p>Okay, so I can defer the ultraportable for now. Till I travel next. </p><br/> <p>But if I do get one, which one? Only two choices. Macbook AIRRRR. Vaio Pocket. Ughh. Expensive, both. Ahh, but so sexyyyyy!!!<br /><br />So. I finally bought the iMac 20&quot; desktop last week. Immersed neck deep in a sudden project, no time to set it up. It sits in the spare bathroom in its box, safe. Away from the cats who will surely want to rip the carton to shreds.<br /><br />This week I shall have to get it going.<br /><br />Butbutbut...I’m skeered!</p></p>