Anyone here speak Klingon?

Posted on June 21, 2008 by Priya Tuli

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Until today, I had no idea that Google offers Klingon as a language option on its search page. Then of course, I discovered they also offer Hacker language, and Interlingua, the ‘common language for international communication’, which must be a mishmash of several unsuspecting bonafide languages crudely lumped together any old how. This one begs further research, so I shall do the needful and report back to you at some point in the dstant future.

But meanwhile, to get back to Klingon, did you know there are actually people out there who conduct entire conversations in this fictional alienspeak? A language complete with its own grammar, syntax and vocabulary, Klingon was created by Dr. Mark Okrand, a trained linguist, for the Star Trek series. I didn’t watch a lot of  episodes, and have no interest in learning Klingon myself, but in case you’re one of those who is fluent, here’s the perfect job for you:

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- Position Available: Interpreter, must be fluent in Klingon.

The language created for the "Star Trek" TV series and movies is one of about 55 needed by the office that treats mental health patients in metropolitan Multnomah County.

We have to provide information in all the languages our clients speak," said Jerry Jelusich, a procurement specialist for the county Department of Human Services, which serves about 60,000 mental health clients.

"There are some cases where we've had mental health patients where this was all they would speak," said the county's purchasing administrator, Franna Hathaway.

County officials said that obligates them to respond with a Klingon-English interpreter, putting the language of starship Enterprise officer Worf and other Klingon characters on a par with common languages such as Russian and Vietnamese, and less common tongues including Dari and Tongan.

Okay, so that one is from way back in 2003 and they’ve probably filled the position, but it is still my favourite job vacancy ad!