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How do you Firefox? It’s your life. Your browser should reflect it.

Customization Campaign Community-driven campaign to spread awareness of Firefox add-ons to new users.

La Conexión de Mozilla Building South American communities around a free and open web.

Project MOE Spreading the Firefox story: harnessing open-source to do good.

Fox for All Personalize Firefox for the masses, plus two ad strategies.

Surf on Your Own Turf Showcase Firefox’s benefits and expand its community.

Microcampaigns Firefox download pages just for your group or community.

Phone Support An experiment to see if poor retention is caused by confused users.

My Firefox The first browser customized out of the box.

What’s Your Add-On? Creating loyal Firefox users by driving add-on penetration.



new mozilla t-shirt

It has been a while since the last time I've been looking around the Mozilla store...

The latest addition to the t-shirt collection is really good!

It features the lizard's head (front) and the "internet by the people for the people" moto (back)... and it is black... I just love it!

Definitely a "must-have" item for my wardrobe...


the first International animation festival in Greece...

Αniμasyroς festival is an annual international animation festival located in Syros island in the Aegean Sea in Greece. The festival is an initiative of Platforma Urban Culture Co. and is organized in collaboration with the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Hermoupolis.

It aims at presenting Greek and foreign animation, attract a wider audience and attempt to decentralize cultural events from the monopoly of Athens.

Αniμasyroς will last for three days (19-21 of September), during which a variety of animated films from all over the world will be shown and seminars on the history and techniques of animation will take place.

Professors of animation as well as animators and representatives of corresponding festivals from abroad will carry out the seminars and the workshops.


It looks very interesting and I am really sorry I cannot be there :(