My XML or XSLT file cannot be loaded to a DOM
  1. Verify that your file is saved with the correct encoding, as denoted by the XML prolog. If the markup is generated server side, you need to set the HTTP response encoding using your API os choice (JSP, PHP etc.), usually something like response.setEncoding(encoding)
  2. Verify that your file is served using a proper MIME type (i.e. text/xml). Again, if the markup is generated server side you need to do that through your API (something like response.setContentType("text/xml").

My XSLT transform does not work
  1. Verify your XML is loaded (see above).
  2. Verify your transformation result is well formed. For example, there can be only one root element.
  3. Try setting the xsl:output method to 'xml'.

XPath or other functions are not available

You need to include the appropriate sarissa javascript file in your webpage, for example sarissa_ieemu_xpath.js.


JavaScript ignored when created by XSLT transformation

You need to include the defer attribute in the script tag, use inline scripting instead of remote file sources and keep all this within the head HTML tag.


Problems with IE and secure connections/HTTPS

When your page is using HTTPS, your XML-loading code (XMLHttpRequest or Document.load) should do the same.


Sarissa (XPath) does not work with Mootools?
To fix this simply make sure the Sarissa scripts are loaded before Mootools.